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Choose trustable online store

Source: Singapore Richman Network   Published: 5/18/2014 12:45:28 AM   Clicked: 1513

Choosing an online store
After deciding to buy something online, potential buyers should set about searching for and selecting an online store. It’s always best to do your online shopping at well known and highly recommended online resources. If for whatever reason that is not an option, then proceed with caution: scammers are constantly coming up with new tricks to fool consumers. Below we will identify some of the things you should look for.

The website’s appearance
When searching for an online store, there is always a risk that you might end up on a fraudulent website. Since fraudulent sites are usually short-lived, in Russia malicious users often do not spend a lot of time or effort on the design of their fake websites. Fake sites may look unprofessional and have bugs (i.e., links don’t work, fonts are inconsistent, the text is poorly formatted, etc.) and some tabs and websites may not even function properly or result in error messages.

Information about the store
If you don’t know anything about the online store and if you have any doubts at all about its legitimacy, you absolutely must do an online search to find out more information about it. You can look for reviews of the store with key words such as “[the shop’s name] reviews” or “[the shop’s name] scams fraud.” If the store is not an honest operation, then there will certainly be victims who have posted their complaints on the Internet. Also look to see if the shop has any contact phone numbers, a physical mailing address, and bank details available. This information should also be checked, using a search engine if need be. If you are in any doubt, the best thing to do would be to find a different online store you can trust.

Information about the domain
Pay attention to the store’s URL. Legitimate, self-respecting stores and payment systems will not have suspicious addresses such as Online stores that are registered with free hosting services (such as,, etc.) should also be treated with suspicion.
If the store’s Internet address looks suspicious, you can find out who registered the domain name, and how long it has been up.
You can find and review the registration information about the domain of an unknown online store using one of the many available whois services — special websites that make domain registration information available. All you have to do is navigate to one of these services (which are easy to find via online searches) and enter the domain name in the search field.
Note the domain’s registrant, and how long the domain has been operating.
The domain of an online store registered as a legal entity should be more reliable than a domain where the registrant is a private individual. There are cases in which the registrant’s name is hidden and simply listed as “private person” or “DOMAIN WHOIS PROTECTION SERVICE”, and that means that the registrant did not wish to disclose his personal data and opted for this service during registration. It would be surprising to find this in the whois data for large or well-known online shops.
The longer a domain has been active, the better. Typically, fraudulent stores shut down quickly and aren’t registered for a long period of time. If the domain has been operating for longer than one year, then the chances are it will be reliable.

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