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Strategies for website design

Source: Singapore Richman Network   Published: 5/18/2014 12:54:17 AM   Clicked: 1501

One of the reasons many small business website owners do not achieve the level of online success available to them is because they failed to employ the right strategy for their website design. There are some things small business websites must inherently be about in order to compel site visitors to become new clients and customers. Even if you already have a website established and are struggling to make it work, keep reading to get the tips that can make all the difference between your online failure and success.

See Through the Eyes of Your Potential Customers
This is a secret of larger firms that many small businesses have yet to master. Notice that big brands tend to have huge budgets for market research. You do not have to spend as much on gathering information about your potential customers, but having a deep understanding of your target market is powerful and shows through in every part of your business. Your website should be about the people you are seeking to serve. Treat your website as a gift you give to potential customers. Instead of just listing product or service features, speak to them from their own point of view by discussing how doing business with you can benefit them.

Relate to Your Target Audience
Some small business owners are very passionate about the work they do. This is a good thing, but it is not good to try and communicate with online customers using industry lingo and highly technical terms that are likely to be confusing to them. It is vital that the content on your site be crafted to speak the language your customers use. Make it easy for them to understand the message you want to relay.

Express Meaning with More than Words
One major mistake that many small businesses make on their websites is loading pages with text and leaving out the visual aids. Images express more than words can and they speak everyone's language. They can enhance the experience website visitors get, leaving a lasting impression upon them. Consider the fact that the popularity of sites like YouTube and other websites where video is included come from how many online audiences enjoy receiving visual information.

Remember the Beauty of Simplicity
Loading websites with fancy flashing features is not a good idea. It is not very cost effective and does not increase audience enjoyment. Often, such extras make a webpage load slower. People usually visit websites with a good idea about the type of information they are seeking to find. Too many distractions and delays can frustrate them and chase them away, sending them off to another website where the information is presented elegantly and straight forward.

Be Cost Efficient
Some small business have a very tight budget and are worried about investing too much into their website. Others have a huge budget for web design and end up overdoing it. Take a middle ground by not being too tight with website expenditures nor to extravagant. As mentioned before, website visitors often do not enjoy the fancy extras, but neither can they appreciate an apparently cheap production. A very nice lead-pulling website can be had without over or under spending.

Be Considerate of Their Time
Several studies over the reading behavior of online audiences show that most people scan webpages instead of reading them thoroughly. It is, therefore, important to get straight to the point. Break up text into several subheadings, use bullet points, and bold important points. This makes it easier for site visitors to scan and still get the message. If they have to do an in-depth reading just to find the information they want, you might never get to do business with them.

Don't Shy Away from the Call-to-Action
The call-to-action is very important, but some small business owners shy away from it, afraid to close the sale. This fear is common and has something to do with people's dislike of pushy salesmen and spam. However, having a clear call-to-action actually guides the customers on what to do next and is received gracefully, compelling more people to do business with you. The key is to make it both strong and tasteful.

Let Them Get to Know You
Personality branding is important online, ergo the popularity of social media and the power it has in bring business new customers. People want to know who it is they are doing business with. Make sure your site includes and About Us page. Make it easy for visitors to connect with you through social media directly from your website. Be real with them about who you are and they will reward you by being loyal customers.

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