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Fengshui Tips for Business

Source: Singapore Arts Geomancy & Fengshui Shop   Published: 5/31/2014 9:39:03 PM   Clicked: 1776

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese art of situating buildings and placing objects to maximize their harmony with surroundings. The philosophy is grounded in the idea that consciously situating objects allows them to better absorb the Earth's natural energy. Business owners can also adopt feng shui principles to promote good business. Doubting entrepreneurs might be encouraged to know that many feng shui tips – such as maintaining tidy, organized work areas – also fall under the category of common sense.

Invite Light
For good business, choose locations where main door entrances face open spaces to allow light to enter. Another feng shui tip is to make sure business offices and customer reception areas are well-lit to attract positive energy.

Use Mirrors
Businesses can use mirrors as a feng shui strategy. Hanging mirrors over cash registers or safes is thought to increase wealth and prosperity. Cover square columns within buildings with mirrors to deflect negative energy, and take care not to place mirrors so that they face entrances, possibly deflecting the positive energy entering your business.

Tidy Up
Positive energy can become clogged around cluttered work areas, so take the time to tidy up. Store excess papers and business items in filing cabinets and desk drawers. Boost positive feng shui for good business by decorating your work desk with plants, red or purple decorative objects or family photo in a wooden frame. Cactus or plants with sharp-looking leaves should be avoided.

Office Water
Water is thought to be a powerful feng shui element, promoting good business, prosperity and wealth. Place a small water fountain slowly flowing with clean water somewhere in the office, or create an office aquarium. Goldfish are a good feng shui choice as gold is the Chinese symbol for money.

Some feng shui practitioners rely on special charts to determine auspicious times to begin business negotiations. Starting business activities during "low" points on feng shui charts can hinder good business.

Businesses can apply feng shui tactics to company websites to promote good business. Provide a simple, tidy-looking homepage for online visitors. Use curved or smooth lines and graphics rather than sharp or straight lines for better business energy.

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