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Key points for enterprise website

Source: Singapore Richman Network   Published: 5/18/2014 1:02:40 AM   Clicked: 1439

A well-crafted website is a sign of an enterprise that takes all facets of their business seriously. Most times a website is the key connection between you and potential customers. In order to grow new business and maintain current customers, enterprise websites must adapt to new industry standards.
Regarding the corporate website, consistency is a key issue. Editing mistakes, poor design and irrelevant content can also turn users off within seconds of seeing a page. In a nutshell, all facets of compatibility, content, usability and site layout serve to influence the perception of a company by its customer base.
Please note he following aspects when designing websites for enterprise clients:

1. Incorporate Device Compatibility with Responsive Design

2. Contemplate the User During Development

3. Focus on Digital Design and Information Architecture

4. Realize That Content Drives Traffic

5. Acknowledge the Value of Microsites

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