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Fengshui Water Fountains

Source: Singapore Fengshui Store & Blessing Gift Shop   Published: 7/17/2014 8:46:09 AM   Clicked: 4090

Placing a feng shui water fountain in front of a house is a wonderful way of attracting positive chi, abundance and prosperity into the home.

The Importance of Water in Feng Shui
In the ancient art of feng shui water plays a very significant role. In fact, the term feng shui translates into wind and water. Wind carries chi, the energy of life and it gathers near water.
Understanding the vital role of water as one of the five feng shui elements and how those elements interact with one another is of significant importance when placing a feng shui water fountain in or outside a home.

Placing a Feng Shui Water Fountain in Front of a House
One of the most effective and popular feng shui cures, water fountains bring good luck, prosperity and abundance to the home. The front of the house is always an excellent choice for the location of an outside water fountain as it activates and retains positive chi, allowing it to freely enter into the home.
The flowing water of the fountain helps to reactivate stagnant chi, restores balance to the area and produces beneficial yang energy. If the water in the fountain does not flow equally on all sides, for example a water fountain with a cascading waterfall flowing down into one area, make sure the water flows toward the house and not away from it. Water flowing toward the front door of the house symbolizes wealth and prosperity. Water flowing away from the house may result in a loss of wealth or an increase in financial problems.
In feng shui design the water fountain is often placed near the main entrance. This placement corresponds to the bagua map area of career and life path, known as kan gua whose element is water.

Choosing the Material of a Water Fountain
Consider the constructive and destructive cycles of the elements when choosing a water fountain and make any needed changes to ensure the continued flow of positive chi. For example, in the constructive cycle metal holds and supports water. Choosing a copper fountain is a good fountain choice. If you choose a stone or cement water fountain, those materials block water in the destructive cycle, the choice is still good but changes are needed. Remedy the problem by placing a few coins into the water fountain.
The following are the key elements of the creative cycle as it pertains to water.
•Metal holds water
•Water nourishes wood
•Earth stops or dams water
•Water puts out fire
Common materials of feng shui water fountains include:
•Rock and stone

Styles of Feng Shui Water Fountains
Although there are many styles and sizes of water fountains available, there is not one style or size that is correct for feng shui. The water fountain you choose is a personal choice and needs to be one you enjoy and want as part of your outdoor living environment.
Many practitioners of feng shui choose a water fountain for their front yard that matches the style of their home. For example, someone with a home that has a tropical style may choose a water fountain with a dolphin statue while someone with a contemporary style home is more apt to choose a fountain that is modern in design. Generally, a round tiered water fountain looks great with any style home.

A Few Words of Caution
The following are several words of caution regarding water fountains and other water features.
Never place a water feature on each side of your front door as it could have negative results.
Water fountains should not be placed in the South direction. This direction is associated with reputation and fame and its element is fire.
Never place a water fountain in the bedroom.

A feng shui water fountain in front of a house attracts auspicious chi, prosperity and good fortune while providing a tranquil and relaxing landscape feature.

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